A Poem for a Wedding

A Poem for a Wedding

I don’t know how

but I woke up this morning to find a piece of string growing out of my heart.

It surprised me. I know my heart well.

I couldn’t see the end but I felt a pull and so I followed it.

Of course, it led to you.

To us.

To this ; a moment attached.

To say I’m in love would do us an injustice.

To say I’m bound sounds clinical. 

Whatever this means I know I’m stuck with you

till I break and snap and connection collapses.

But it’s grown so far down within myself,

I can feel your heartbeat in my belly.

I like it.

I really like it.

I like having you so close, without suffocating.

I am free but I am yours.

I am known but I can grow.

What a delight it is, this little piece of string that ties my heart to yours.

I promise to never let it break, to pull you closer when it starts to fray,

It’s too late to grow apart now, our hearts have made a decision.

When you’re gone, the string will snap and I will bleed the rest 

because we’re one and the same. 

Together and apart.

Always connected.




Picking My Nose

Picking My Nose