How fragile we are in transition.

We shake, lose balance and grasp at thin air

desperate to find something to hold on to.

Soon enough we give in and realise that if we look up at the sky

we can float along quite nicely.

For a moment there is peace: the stability of balance.

Then we become tired of lying horizontal, 

suddenly we feel confident enough to stand.

How we fly on this feeling of power.

How fleeting these seasons of euphoria.

For soon enough we will lose sight and wobble down to our knees again

begging life to show us mercy.

We shift the heaviness from side to side

until equilibrium is once again achieved.

But to what end?

Up and down, up and down we go on the rollercoaster of risk

hoping for more sustained period of bliss

or simple nothingness. 


Symmetrical Cities

Symmetrical Cities

Anxiety Depression

Anxiety Depression